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Team Concertgebouw Events

Team Concertgebouw Events

The Concertgebouw is soon to celebrate its 20th anniversary and over those years we have built up a lot of know-how. Each event manager in our events team has his or her special area of expertise and they complement each other perfectly. The Concertgebouw Events team strive for optimal service and maximal peace of mind for the client. We offer a total service, from reception to technical services to catering and more…

Meet the team

An Merlier

An is responsible for the overall coordination of the Business & Events team. She joined the team in January 2018, but already has more than 15 years of experience in corporate events, marketing and communications in the financial and real estate sectors. Her love of events and the cultural sector led her to the Concertgebouw. If you want to organise an event in the Concertgebouw, An is your first point of contact. With her energy, drive and enthusiasm, she will guide your event from start to finish.


Marie-Paule Van de Moortel

Event manager Marie-Paule has worked at the Concertgebouw since 2001. She knows it inside out and has many years of experience in organising all kinds of concerts and receptions. Marie-Paule is your contact person. Taking your wishes into account, she will take care of the details of your event from start to finish. ‘We have the right answer for every request!’


Rutger De Cloedt 

Event manager Rutger has more than 10 years of experience in events and the cultural sector. He has worked at the Concertgebouw since September 2018 and is well acquainted with the organisation of festivals, concerts, corporate events and meetings. Rutger works creatively, dynamically and diplomatically. In consultation with you, he will ensure the flawless organisation of your event.


Kevin Van Nieuwenhuyse

From a lunch meeting to a product launch to a multi-day conference with all the trimmings… event manager Kevin tackles every project with unflagging enthusiasm and pragmatism. For many years he organised events for a cultural travel organisation, some of them in the Concertgebouw. ‘From the first words I exchanged with the Concertgebouw Events team and the very first steps I took inside the building, I felt right at home, so much so that I decided I wanted to work there myself one day.’ Kevin’s wish came true in September 2021.


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